KinderCare Learning Center

Location: Various (Glover Park, D.C. pictured)

Square Footage: 11,512

Architect: ADA Architecture

Client: KinderCare

Description: The KinderCare Glover Park project consisted of interior and exterior renovations to an existing building on Wisconsin Avenue in Northwest, DC. Renovations to the existing building included installation of a new roof, HVAC system, an upgraded electrical system as well as full interior demolition and buildout to support the new center’s program needs. An upsized domestic water line and a fire line were brought from the street into the building to meet the increased demand for domestic water and to support a new fire sprinkler system. A new elevator, which included building a new pit and shaft, was added to the building to provide ADA compliance as the center is laid out over 3 levels. A small retaining wall and storefront door were added at the basement level to allow egress directly from the lower level to the parking lot. The parking lot layout was modified to better serve the center and new fencing and landscaping were added to enhance the curb appeal of the building.

The Goddard School

Location: Multiple Locations (Alexandria, VA pictured)

Square Footage: 15,642

Architect: Various

Client: Jain Ventures (Goddard Franchisee)

Description: New proposed Goddard School for early childhood development with a 10194.50 s.f. area building and an additional 2,474.86 s.f. for preschool playground area and a 2,699.40 s.f. for a toddler playground area component.

Kellogg Conference Hotel at Gallaudet University

Location: Washington, DC

Square Footage: 30,000

Client: Gallaudet University

Description: Renovation of offices on the 3rd floor of this existing, functioning and fully operating Kellogg Conference Center Hotel (KCC) into 29 hotel rooms at Gallaudet University. The schedule was based upon getting rooms open and ready in preparation for a fully scheduled spring season of events where the Hotel Operator is counting on the additional revenue from these 29 rooms. The biggest challenge that presented itself on this project was working around the KCC events schedule and Hotel occupancy while still progressing the construction schedule. Adding 29 bathrooms to the floor meant plenty of core drilling which couldn’t be done in the evening due to Hotel guests, above, and couldn’t be done in the day due to Conference Center Events, below. The project team was able to schedule and complete over 180 core drills, while balancing the Client’s needs with the progress of the job.