Location: Manassas, VA

Square Footage: 31,484

Architect: MG2

Client: LIDL

Description: This project was a ground up starting with a pad ready site for a new LIDL prototype. The design incorporates an exterior façade consisting of phenolic panels, custom colored glass storefront, ground face CMU, brick and canopies. The interior features polished concrete floors, exposed ceilings, back of house offices an storage areas and walk-in coolers and freezers.


Location: Various
Square Footage: Various
Architect: Various
Client: ALDI
Since 2013, TEEL has become one of ALDI’s trusted partners in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast. With over 10 dozen projects successfully completed, TEEL knows what it takes to build and renovate grocery stores.

Alexandria, VA – 2 Locations [Renovation]
Alexandria, VA – Seminary Plaza [New In-line Store]
Alexandria, VA – Monroe Ave [New In-line Store]
Ashburn, VA [New In-line Store]
Asheboro, NC [Expansion, Comprehensive Renovation]
Baltimore, MD – 2 Locations [Renovations]
Beltsville, MD [Remodel]
Brandywine, MD [Comprehensive Renovation]
Burlington, NC [Expansion, Comprehensive Renovation]
Cary, NC [Expansion, Comprehensive Renovation]
Catonsville, MD [Remodel]
Chantilly, VA [Remodel]
Charles Town, WV [Expansion, Comprehensive Renovation]
Chesapeake, VA [New In-line Store]
Chester, VA [New Ground-up Store]
Cheverly, MD [Remodel]
Culpeper, VA [Remodel]
Danville, VA [Expansion, Comprehensive Renovation]
District Heights, MD [Renovation]
Dumfries, VA [New Ground-up Store]
East Windsor, NJ [New In-line Store]
Edgewater Park, NJ [New In-line Store]
Edgewood, MD [Renovation]
Edgewater Park, MD [New In-line Store]
Exeter Township, PA [Expansion, Comprehensive Renovation]
Fairfax, VA [New In-line Store]
Fairfax, VA [Remodel]
Falls Church, VA
Frederick, MD [Remodel]
Fredericksburg, VA – 2 Locations [Comprehensive Renovations]
Gaithersburg, MD [Remodel]
Glasboro, NJ [New In-line Store]
Glen Burnie, MD [Comprehensive Renovation]
High Point, NC [Expansion, Comprehensive Renovation]
Hyattsville, MD [Expansion]
Kernersville, NC [Expansion, Comprehensive Renovation]
Lancaster, PA [New In-line Store]
Langley Park, MD [Facade Renovation, Comprehensive Renovation]
Lanham, MD [Comprehensive Renovation]
Lavale, MD [Remodel]
Lebanon, PA [Expansion, Comprehensive Renovation]
Lexington, NC [Expansion, Comprehensive Renovation]
Lexington Park, MD [New Ground-up Store]
Lynchburg, VA [Remodel]
Manassas, VA , 2 Locations [Comprehensive Renovations]
Martinsville, VA [Expansion, Comprehensive Renovation]
Merrifield, VA [New In-line Store]
Midlothian, VA [New Ground-up Store]
Mooresville, NC [Expansion, Comprehensive Renovation]
Oxon Hill, MD [Comprehensive Renovation]
Pasadena, MD [Remodel]
Salisbury, NC [Remodel]
Springfield, VA [New In-line Store]
Stafford, VA [Expansion, Comprehensive Renovation]
Staunton, VA [New Ground-up Store]
Sterling, VA [Remodel]
Statesville, NC [Expansion, Comprehensive Renovation]
Stratford, NJ [Expansion, Comprehensive Renovation]
Raleigh, NC [Expansion, Comprehensive Renovation]
Randallstown, MD [Façade Renovation]
Randallstown, MD [Expansion, Comprehensive Renovation]
Richmond, VA – Meyers Street [New Ground-up Store]
Richmond, VA – Forest Hill Ave [New Ground-up Store]
Toms River, NJ [Expansion, Comprehensive Renovation]
Towson, MD [Façade Renovation]
Towson, MD [Remodel]
Thomasville, NC [Expansion, Comprehensive Renovation]
Turnersville, NJ [Expansion, Comprehensive Renovation]
Virginia Beach, VA – Kempsville Rd [New Ground-up Store]
Virginia Beach, VA – Chic’s Beach [New In-line Store]
Waldorf, MD
Washington, DC [Remodel]
Waynesboro, VA [New Ground-up Store]
West Long Branch, NJ [Expansion, Comprehensive Renovation]
Westminster, MD [Remodel]
Winchester, VA [Expansion, Comprehensive Renovation]
Winston Salem, NC – 2 Locations [Expansions, Comprehensive Renovations]
Woodbury, NJ [New In-line Store]
York, PA [Insurance Repair, Training Room]