“Dedication to the client, and the ability to see the critical path from print to paint, makes the implementation of all the components of a construction project possible.”

– Parker R. Teel, Founder and CEO

Client Testimonials

“We greatly value the relationship we have built with TEEL over the years and expect it to continue as great as it has into the future. We look forward to two successful new sites in Ashburn and Merrifield, and the many remodels we will continue to complete with TEEL over the next few years. Your support in this time of quick expansion is much appreciated!”

Jake DiPiazza
Director of Real Estate

“Just wanted to let you know we continue to be impressed with [your team’s] commitment to our account. Not only is he always responsive, but steps in on projects he isn’t supervising. We appreciate it and it doesn’t go unnoticed.”

-Rachel Kegerise
Director of R.E.

“Some GCs ‘push-back’ against clients… but TEEL is generally better and more responsive to ALDI’s unique needs and preferences.”

Jeff Cherry
Construction Manager

“I am so thankful for the opportunity to have worked with such a quality organization as Teel, and specifically with you both. I will be forever grateful for having worked with 2 of the most dedicated, honest professionals I’ve had the good fortune to be involved with.”

Justin Lippa II
Senior Manager, Tenant Coordination

“It’s the effort that is sincerely appreciated. I’ve been on the GC-side and I know how much effort it takes to move people. Thank you.”

Peterson Valcourt
Project Manager – Construction Division

“Your group is doing a great job for us.”

William C Caldwell
Managing Director

“Your team is thorough and gets us what we need when we ask, which is less common today than it should be. I appreciate your leadership and your diligent attention.”

Sam Palmer
Vice President of Construction

“The representatives from Jared’s (set up team, & on site staff) have nothing but praise for TEEL Construction. This has been a very smooth turnover by their standards. Many thanks to Andreas.”

Scott Spencer
Tenant Construction Manager

“In a very short time your company has come to epitomize what we look for in all of our vendors. Commitment, passion, fairness, dedication and willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done.”

David Biederman
VP of Construction and Development

“The managers at TEEL are honest, diligent, and excellent communicators.”

Jon Colleran
Project Manager, Kaplan, Inc.

“It has been a pleasure working with your company this year. TEEL will be my contractor of choice going forward.”

Robert Hutchison
Sr. Facilities Manager

“I wanted to thank you for pushing us over the finish line this past week. We faced some significant challenges during this project, but your execution this last week was precise and I wanted to take a minute to say thanks.”

Stephen Baldi
Baldi Management [franchisee]

“You and your team were extremely responsive, quick and fair. You came highly recommended and did not disappoint. When a new/ potential tenant asks who they should use as a GC, I will make sure to recommend the TEEL Construction organization.”

Bradley Tollefson
Development Director, Westfield Concession Management

“I just think you should know that your team did way more than an AMAZING job…they KILLED it…so impressed and I do not say that often. Thank your PM and Super. Both good guys. Keep them around. Thank you.”

Alex Hurtado
Principal, Collective Architecture

“It’s a great thing when we can find a company with dedicated, professional staff that we can call upon in the future. Your team is knowledgeable and precise. Thanks, again, for making this project a success.”

Jane Carter
Project Manager

“TEEL’s superintendents exceeded my expectations through their willingness to complete the job to my satisfaction.”

Marguerite Benedetto
Senior Property Manager, Realty Services

“I would highly recommend TEEL Construction to any retailer or business that is in the market for a professional and responsible general contractor.”

Lou DeMauro
Project Manager, Macy’s Inc.

“I cannot speak more highly of my experience working with the TEEL team. My experience with TEEL was seamless, cooperative, accommodating and completely in control. They came in on time and on budget. A rare situation these days.”

Carlo Alessi
CEO, Robelan [Owner’s Rep]

“TEEL was wonderfully proficient in getting the job done…. How come TEEL isn’t better known? They should do more marketing”

Gary Aller
Gallaudet University

“TEEL did a great job keeping me well informed during the course of the project. They were very proactive in responding to issues that arose during the project and delivered a very good finished product that exceeded our tenant’s [Pier 1 Imports] expectations.”

Bill Cate
Sr. Project Manager

“I have mentioned not only to my property manager but also to my construction department that I thought you guys did a great job. I contribute this all to [Your superintendent]. I truly wish every built out I had I had a super like [yours] on site. [He] represents TEEL very well. He is not only professional but courteous also.
He asks for permission instead of forgiveness which gets him what he needs to get his job done on time. In essence I think you had a great employee and would be my pleasure to have him back in my building.”

Guy Jagan
Lead Engineer

“I want to thank you for a great job that you guys did and Dennis [Cole] was exceptional did everything we asked him to do.”

-Ed Case
Chief Engineer

“Everything went really well! The Executive Team was very happy with the shops. Thanks again.”

Elinna Kushnir Director
Project Management and Store Design

“Thank you for the great work on this project. TEEL Construction continues to impress in quality and efficiency.”

Josh Goldman
Project Manager, The Rappaport Companies

“Thanks again for a great studio! TEEL pushed it over the top – in a good way”

Erik Lopez
Director of Construction

“We just finished hand over at 46&8, and the shop looks amazing. The shortest punch list ever. Thanks very much to the entire project team. I’m really looking forward to your next projects with Pret. Our job becomes easier when we work with people of your caliber.”

Adam Tomczyk
Operations Manager

“Just a quick note to let you know what amazing job [Your Team] did on 1350 Sixth Avenue extension project. This is probably one of the most complex projects Pret has ever done in USA…..Everybody at Pret is very pleased with the outcome. It is a beautiful store. Thanks for all the help on this one.”

Sergio Garcia
Construction Project Manager

“By far the most solid group of supers I’ve had on my jobs… ever.”

-John Panzer
Director of Construction

“TEEL Construction’s prices are competitive, their workmanship is superior, meets scheduling deadlines, works very well in an open to the public retail environment. We look forward to many more years working with TEEL Construction.”

Robert Travers
Director of Construction & Housekeeping, Bloomingdale’s

“TEEL Construction is an accomplished firm with a proven history of accomplishments and an impeccable reputation in the Washington Metro. TEEL provided me with a sense of comfort with both their knowledge and level of professionalism, and made a difficult process very smooth and painless…. I encourage you to hire TEEL for your project needs.”

Bruce Albaugh
Colesville Properties LLC
[Landlord turnkey Verizon Wireless façade renovation and fitout]

“Joe and I want to express our thanks for the professionalism with which you and your staff handled these projects.  It’s made working with you a real pleasure and we look forward to more of the same in the future.  Please express our thanks to your staff, especially to Bob, for their hard work.”

Bob Young

“The MAA inspections folks went out of their way to tell us what a PLEASURE it has been working with your guys! Communicative, proactive, responsive, respectful of the airport community.  Happy to have you guys here.”

Amy Uthe
Retail Operations Executive 

“Great job TEEL! Another amazing project!”

Cindy Dunn
Retail Operations Executive

“I want to thank you and your team helping us get these stores open and delivering us beautiful stores. It was a pleasure working with you and how organized and professional you were.”

Scott Proulx
General Manager | US

“Our project with TEEL Construction required agility and flexibility, both of which they demonstrated exceedingly well.  Their transparency in communications is a trait I value highly and their staff, at every level, worked diligently to provide the outcomes that we needed.  I would highly recommend TEEL Construction.””

John Mock
Director of Construction & Project Management

“[Your team] and all of the subs that they’ve managed on the job have represented you and your organization extremely well throughout. We are lucky to have them on our project and I look forward to continuing on with them as we move through Phase 2.”

PJ O’Hanlon
Apelles, LLC

“We’re really happy to be working with your team on both jobs. So far things are going really well in the office. If you can pull off both jobs in record time, we’ll be hard pressed to recommend anyone else to our clients!”

Jill Cavanaugh
AIA, AICP Partner, Beyer Blinder Belle

“On behalf of Team WFP USA, we say thank you for excellent project execution. My team loves your patience and understanding in bring this project to an end.”

Ebenezer Dadzie
Director, Information Systems

“Thank you again for stepping up to the plate on the West Wing project. We have received many accolades for your team’s work.”

Lynn Hopkins

“I am writing to thank you and express my sincere appreciation for your partnership on our DCA SKYCLUB remodeling/construction journey. Your efficient, gracious service, the exceptional and quick to resolve any issues that arise, the level of detail and accountability your leadership have demonstrated on this project, and the way you conduct business as a whole. I personally have, and will continue to, recommend your service to other companies and contacts. Our team DCA could not be more satisfied with your work, and I look forward to continuing this relationship and Thank you so much for all you do.”

Yared Eshtu
Delta Sky Club Ambassador

“Team TEEL – nice work! This project was very tricky – as it had lots of people that needed to be pleased (tenants, other contractors, owners) lots of moving parts, schedules – you all did a remarkable job in coordination and getting it done on time!”

Michael Mitchell

“I just want to say you have a great super. I am involved with all the construction activities as it always affects base building etc. I have enough day to day work – repairs – running equipment – my crew etc. But with this job I had no worries as [your super] was on point with everything and the job went smooth like it should.”

Nick D’Elia
Chief Engineer

“I just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know how well [your team] did on this job. As you know, this job was a struggle from the beginning with the many changes that occurred. [Your PM] took over and really helped bring the project to a close with minimal issues. She was a pleasure to work with, very well organized and able to get things done quickly. I really appreciate the effort she put in to finish this out and hope we get the opportunity to work with her again.”

Annie Casertano
Construction Manager

“I was very pleased with [your team’s] performance out in San Mateo. It’s never easy doing a project remotely. [Your superintendent] was very attentive and accommodating and took it upon himself to follow thru with Landlord and vendor issues directly on site… Nice job! I look forward to working with the team again soon. Thank you.”

Robert Acosta
Senior Project Manager

“TEEL provided good value and quality work. I would use TEEL again on future commercial interior construction projects.”

Patrick Murray & April Mandell